During the colder months there are many things that put a stop to any angler’s enjoyment of heading out on the bank. Its chilly, darker and at times lifeless, but with a few creature comforts and with some great kit there is nothing that would stop me heading out. It’s a magical time with big weather, hard frosts and sometimes special captures. As winter can be so unpredictable I really find it an exciting time of the year –  you just don’t know what might happen? I truly believe that you can make the most of this time of year if you just keep yourself warm and pop on your positive pants! Oh, and keep that kettle steaming of course!



One key piece of my armory that helps me from the second I step out of the car is my Hexathermic Jacket. It’s not a coat you just shove in your bag for a ‘rainy day’ this jacket is designed to be warn from the get go. Its soft, stylish and very comfortable, in fact I find myself regularly wearing this jacket outside of fishing when I’m walking to work or walking the dog. The little touch of red really livings things-up. It is great for setting-up in a downpour or wrapping yourself up in when you get out of your bag in the morning. I know so many people that set-up to hibernate for the next 24 or 48hours when really, they might as well of stayed at home.

Trakker hexathermic Jacket

Keeping me warm and toasty, the Hexathermic Jacket is an essential piece of kit.

Trakker Hexathermic Jacket

The little touch of red really livings things-up.


Just like a warm coat, a nice, warm hat is an essential, and the Cyclone Beanie for me is a complete must. Some things literally are a basic essential and a warm hat is one of those. It is vital that you keep yourself warm and as we all know the quickest way to lose heat from your body is through your head. As well as being very warm it looks nice too, which is a bonus and it also has an ultra-snug fur lining!

Trakker Cyclone beanie

The Cyclone Beanie for me is a complete must.


Anyone who knows me will know I’m a huge coffee addict both at home and on the bank. Right, let me just start by saying I’m not talking about your freeze-dried instant rubbish, no it’s got to be the sweet, sweet smell of freshly ground coffee. So, I have always got my trusty aeropress stashed away in my food bag. As we all know waiting for your kettle to boil can be tedious, but the combination of the Armolife CG-3 Stove and Armolife Power Kettle means that waiting isn’t a factor. Wrapping your hands around a bursting hot mug with the smell of coffee and steam hitting your face as you look out over the lake is just one of those moments I love the most!

Armolife Power Kettle

There’s just no way you can be without a stove and kettle.


There is one item that I hold closest to my heart that I never leave home without and that is my little four legged friend – Willow. She keeps me company and warm during the darker nights – like two cold-weather-beaters for the price of one! I have taken her since day one and she loves it, but what she loves more than fishing is my RLX Flat-6 Superlite Bed. I say my bed chair but really, she rules the roost and she would definitely say its hers. There is one thing though that is essential whilst talking your dog for a night on the bank and that is a Big Snooze+ Bed Cover. It took me one rainy trip to realise that my sleeping bag was going to end-up trashed if I let her just jump in and out when she’s wet and muddy. This cover has been a life saver – it dry’s super-quick and if there is any mud that sticks, I just brush it off and its back to new. A vital piece of kit keeping us both warm and toasty in the winter.


Trakker hexathermic Jacket

I couldn’t be without my best friend!


One thing that has changed my fishing more than anything regardless of what time of year and what the weather is doing is my Tempest Brolly v2. I have always been a big fan of fishing out of a brolly, but this piece of kit has really stepped things up for me. It’s so versatile and roomy I just wouldn’t be without it now. The Tempest really helps to keep me warm and dry in the cooler months and it’s so easy to use which is great for me. The addition of the Skull Cap prevents condensation and helps retain the warmth inside, and if the sun does pop out I can easily roll-back the zip in front to feel its rays with full view of the lake. All in a matter of seconds!

Tempest Brolly V2

I wouldn’t be without the super-versatile Tempest Brolly v2 at any time of year.

Tempest Brolly V2 Skull Cap.

The Skull Cap is a useful addition to the Tempest Brolly.


When the evening draws in and the light fades I know I can always count on my Nitelife L5 Headtorch. It comes in handy during so many situations during the night or even when I fancy reading my book. I love that its rechargeable and this is yet another item I grab on a daily basics when I take little Willow out for a walk. There’s just no way you can go without a decent head torch when fishing, so reliability is vitally important and something I can rely on completely with my Nitelife L5.

Nitelife L5 Headtorch

The super-reliable Nitelife L5 Headtorch is an absolute must.

Nitelife L5 Headtorch

I like to read a book during the hours of darkness, rather than stare at a screen for hours.


During the colder months, when bites are harder to come by, high attract hookbaits perhaps fished as singles come to the fore for many anglers and I’m certainly no different. So, a few extra colour and flavour options follow me to the bank along with a few choice liquids to further boost the attraction of these hookbaits. Because of their importance I like to use a dedicated bag to carry them, so when I pack and check my gear (doing the pack the car dance, which is another story?!) I know I have them. The NXG Hookbait Bag is perfect for this! Firstly it comes with six bait tubs, meaning when I customise some pop-ups with a liquid flavour I can split the quantity and not necessarily glug them all. What’s more, the removable inner ‘wipe-clean’ liner means that any of my liquids/flavours leak the spill is contained and easy to deal with.

NXG Bait Bag.

The NXG Hookbait Bag takes care of my extra hookbait options.

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