Back On The Big Pits

juillet 16th, 2015

After a relatively successful start on my new syndicate, I suddenly had the urge to get back on the bigger lower stocked waters I’ve got access to. I can’t explain why, everything was kind of going to plan on my new lake, but all I can say is, when the urge hits me to go elsewhere I tend to go with it, and this was no different.

So early-May found me back doing the 100 miles or so each way to the lake, which meant a different approach to my planning, no more really last minute decisions to go, I had to start planning my trips in properly around work, making sure the bait was ready, outboard batteries charged and everything ready to rock really.

The first session back kind of went against the above as the urge to start back on the bigger wilder waters didn’t hit until the van was loaded to head locally for a quick night, so a quick re-jig and half charged batteries, an outboard and my life jacket were quickly hustled from their slumber in the garage and added to the pile of kit in the motor.

I didn’t arrive till around 7pm that first evening, and after several laps of the vast lake I finally got the rods out around half 10 that evening, the nights on these type of waters always seem to have an electric edge to them, I struggle to settle, wondering if I’m in the right area, wondering if the fish will move on me, will they give the game away, all the usual really.

Around midnight I was still sat wide awake on the bedchair just listening through the eerily still night air and I could hear fish showing a good distance away from me, as a result I made a fresh brew and went and listened to try and pinpoint where I could hear the shows.

Eventually I figured it was more or less opposite me, some 300 yards across the pit! On this lake, with so few fish present, shows like I was hearing needed acting upon, and with that I broke the kit down and moved, and once on the fish I sat and listened for half an hour or so and could still hear the odd fish show, so with that I got the rods back out, 3 chod rigs at varying ranges from 30 to 50 yards out amongst where I could best guess the fish were showing.

I set up the camp again, and crashed out knowing I really could do no more! Around 2am, so only an hour and a half or so later, the left hand rod was in absolute melt down, and I was soon attached to an angry big pit carp. After an awesome battle I soon had a stunning 39lb Mirror safely secured in the retention sling waiting for her few moments of fame, and what a stunning welcome back it was too.

As you can probably imagine, that really fired up the enthusiasm, and ever since, every available trip has been full bore back on the big pit carp trail, with some ups and downs for sure, but I’ll tell you about those adventures soon…

Back On The Big Pits – Jim Wilson – Blog – Trakker

All tucked away…

Back On The Big Pits – Jim Wilson – Blog – Trakker

Full moon on a big pit.

Back On The Big Pits – Jim Wilson – Blog – Trakker

Boat battle result!

Back On The Big Pits – Jim Wilson – Blog – Trakker

Why I do it…

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