Trakker are once again ‘One Step Ahead’ and have produced a range of products that will rejuvenate and extend the longevity of shelters, sleeping bags and waterproof clothing.

Within the range is a Complete Care Kit which provides a cleaning kit for shelters and waterproof clothing. Also included is a Shelter Proofer along with a refill and a Shelter Repair Kit.

Revive Shelter Repair Kit

The shelter repair kit is something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. I think all anglers end up having odd accidents now and again with kit. It’s easily done when rushing around, moving swim etc.

If you’re anything like me, nothing gets packed away properly, it’s all slung on the barrow and off we go dragging brambles and anything else along with us – as anglers we are one-track minded and with carp on the brain that’s all that matters! Looking after kit is usually an afterthought!

It’s this type of scenario that invariably causes damage to kit. The last thing you need is a two inch rip in your nice Tempest V2! However if you do end up damaging your shelter there is now a dedicated kit to repair it. The kit comes with several sized patches which can be trimmed to fit as required. It can’t be any simpler either. Clean over the area with the cleaning wipe provided and apply the patch similarly to how you would apply a plaster to yourself and then smooth it out using the Multi-Card. For added strength and security repeat on the inside of the shelter to give it a double hit. The adhesive used on the patches is extremely strong and will provide an immediate seal. A tip is to round off the edges of the patch with scissors which will help avoid the corners lifting. A fast, easy way to prolong the life of your shelter and to repair waterproof clothing whenever the need arises.

Revive Shelter Wash

I fish all year round, including the depths of winter. I fish a variety of waters from small ponds to massive reservoirs and during the wetter months the ground I set up on can be anything from wet sand to sloppy mud. I don’t like it, but if it’s where I feel I’ve got the best chance of success then the terrain I’m setting up on doesn’t matter!

The main part of my shelter affected is the bottom half of the door. This is because I usually set up in a letter box style in the winter leaving the top half of the door open, and obviously the bottom half closed. It’s the closed section inside and outside that invariably ends up lagged in mud as I’m in and out of the shelter.

I’ve attempted to clean this area in the past using good old fashioned washing up liquid and warm water, but it doesn’t really work and I’m not sure washing up liquid is great for the fabric.

Revive Shelter Wash is included in the Shelter Complete Care Kit, and has been specially formulated for use on shelters and it couldn’t be easier to use.  Scrape off any lumps of mud etc. and dampen down with water. Shake the bottle and spray it over the area from a distance of around 10-15cm. Give it a good scrub with the non-scratch sponge (included within the Shelter Complete Care Kit) and wash it off. The shelter will now be clean, and if required, ready for a re-proof.

Allow the fabric to dry completely prior to packing away.

Above: My Tempest Brolly Advanced that has seen a Revive repair and wash.

Revive Shelter Proofer

I can think of a few friends that would benefit from this product straightaway! This is because unlike myself they don’t dry their kit out prior to packing it away. Some have no choice but to pack up wet but they don’t dry it out at home either. I can’t live like that and some of my friends would say I’m OCD with kit, everything has to be spot on, clean and in good order. I agree somewhat, I like to keep my kit as good as it can be but as I said, I won’t let my angling be affected by it. All packing up and storing wet gear does is damage the material over a period of time and effects the performance.

If you are an angler who packs kit away wet or you have a shelter that is well used then there is no doubt the fabric would benefit from the Revive Shelter Proofer.

You may have noticed water simply beads off new shelters and the shelter appears all but dry. However over time water will eventually soak into the fabric and although it remains waterproof the fabric will become heavy and take an age to dry along with increased condensation. This is where the Proofer kicks in. This will effectively put the fabric back into it’s original condition.

Again, very easy to use, simply spray over the shelter in sections from 10-15cm away and also spray the non scratch sponge with the proofer working it into each section of the shelter at a time. Once complete, allow to dry and the shelter is fully restored. Water will now once again bead off, drying time is reduced and condensation is reduced.

Along with Revive Shelter Proofer there is a Revive Shelter Proofer Concentrate available, which will produce a further three full bottles of Shelter Proofer, therefore one purchase will last a long time and gives fantastic value for money.

Revive Apparel Wash and Apparel Proofer

As with shelters, waterproof fabric on clothing can deteriorate over time through wear and tear, dirt etc. I’ve been there, stood playing a fish in heavy rain wearing old clothing which has seen better days, water soaking through subsequently making the warmer layers underneath wet. Not fun! Same goes for setting up, the last thing you need if you’re setting up in heavy rain is for your clothes underneath the waterproofs to get wet!

The answer is Revive Apparel Wash and Proofer and using it couldn’t be easier. Simply empty the whole bottle of the Apparel Wash liquid into the detergent or powder tray on your washing machine and empty the whole bottle of Apparel Proofer in the conditioner tray. Set the machine on a 30 degree wash and jobs a goodun! Waterproofs – Revived! So the next time you are out in the rain, you can be confident that the performance of your waterproofs has been restored to their original quality.

Above: My old Trakker Downpour kit has seen better days and could do with an Apparel Wash and Re-proof for better performance and longevity.

Revive Sleeping Bag Anti-Bac Wash

This does what it says on the tin! A sleeping bag cleaner and anti-bac formula.

Now, I don’t know about you (and although I’m a very clean and tidy angler) but my sleeping bag still gets bits of butter and odd marks from bits of fried food, sauce etc on the outside surface of it. It’s an occupational hazard!

The inside of my bag however is clean and smells of the latest plug-in home air freshener, as sweet as sweet could be… but my wife says different!

The Revive Sleeping Bag Anti-Bac Wash will have your sleeping bag smelling and looking like new. A specially formulated pH neutral cleaner provides anti-bacterial control. This effectively means the cleaning product is not acidic or alkaline, it sits neutral – therefore the fabric is not affected or damaged in any way. The anti-bac element is basically a disinfectant which will help with keeping your bag fresher for longer.

Similarly, as with the Revive Apparel Wash and Proofer, pour all of the solution into the detergent compartment of your washing machine and wash according to the manufacturers guidance.

In summary, the Revive range has been designed to assist the angler in keeping their kit clean and the performance high. The range will help with the longevity of your gear while keeping your sleeping bag fresh and you protected from the elements, which in turn will enhance your experience on the bank and bring the most from your kit. Enjoy the great outdoors and catch some carp!

All the best,  

Tony Welch

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