Looking to add an edge to your baiting game? Here’s how Team Trakker’s Lawrence East prepares his boilies using the Pureflo® Air-Dry System, altering their appearance whilst boosting their attraction:

STEP 1 Take some frozen boilies and place them into the Pureflo® Air-Dry system. In this case my choice is Mainline 10mm Essential Cell and Cell freezer baits.

STEP 2 Hang the Air-Dry System up by the handle and leave your baits to dry for approx. 1hr. This will make sure all the frost has completely melted and the baits are dry.

STEP 3 Place the Air-Dry System into a 17ltr Square Container and cover the baits with water. Personally, I prefer to buy bottled water from the supermarket rather than use tap water, this ensures there are no other chemicals in the water to taint the baits, which are then left to wash-out in the water for the next 24-hours.

STEP 4 Take the Air-Dry System back out of the 17ltr Square Container and allow the excess water to drain out from the bottom of the system.

STEP 5 Transfer your bait from the Air-Dry System either back into your 17ltr Square Container once you’ve emptied the water away which your baits were soaking in, or put them in another bucket.

STEP 6 Now it’s time to put the attraction back in by coating the baits in your chosen liquid. This will rehydrate the baits giving them back some of the flavour they would have lost. My chosen liquid is either Mainline’s Essential Cell or Tiger Nut syrup, not only do the baits absorb the flavour quickly, but it coats them on the outside giving them a halo of attraction.

STEP 7 When it comes to actually baiting-up, I tend to compliment my boilies with pellets and hemp which I soak in hemp oil for 24 hours prior to my session.

By preparing your bait in this way your imitating the appearance of ‘safe’ bait that has been in the lake for a period of time, which can be a real edge when fishing for cautious fish. By adding the liquid attractor back onto the baits you’re getting the best of both worlds really, ultimate attraction with a washed-out effect.

The proof is in the pudding! A lovely 28-pounder which couldn’t resist my ‘safe’ spod mix!

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