When I’m not chasing carp in my own free time, I like to give something back to fishing and bringing other young anglers into the sport is a perfect way to do that. The first of this year’s three youth fishing events had soon arrived, with 14 young anglers registering between the ages of 10 – 18 and I was excited to get involved and help out.

As always, at 9.00am, the spots are pre-fed and the young anglers can choose where they want to set up for the day. Shortly after 9.00 o’clock we was read ready and the rods were in the water, it was not long before the first fish was caught. You can tell very quickly where you need to invest more time or who has more experience with fishing, so we usually start with the construction of the rods and rig construction to get a brief overview. As always, I provided corn/wheat, methodfeeder mix, a variety of boilies for them to use, as well as all sorts of hardware such as hooks, leads, etc., which of course were gratefully supplied by supporters of the event. For us the priority for all our youth fishing events is a happiness, togetherness and no secrets. All our stuff is available and no matter what question arises, we try to answer everything. So it can be between taking pictures, handing out drinks and fish, sometimes getting a bit stressful, but we do our best to be there for everyone. Even if you’re catching more than others, there is no trace of fish envy or envy among the youngsters in general, and you will be eager to get a carp in the net, feeding, unhooking and releasing the fish. Even when talking shop, it is always nice to hear how interested the kids are in things like rigs and tactics.

All day long, the youth is supplied with cold drinks and in the morning there are sausage rolls and an ice cream. It should be emphasized that all of this is free, the young people only need to register and take their tackle, the rest such as food and baits is all free and will be provided by the club. After the lunch break we go back to work again and continue to aid the participants with their angling. The absolute highlight of the most recent event was a 16kg fish for an absolute beginner. I was called by his father in the evening and he thanked me for the great experience and the impressions. But no matter whether 2 or 20kg each fish has the same status and is treated the same way. This is our main focus with the juvenile fish. Such a praise strengthens only more and the anticipation for the next juvenile fishing is increasing, the planning phase is already running.

All in all, we caught 25 carp up to 16kg, which we are particularly pleased with and that each of the participants had caught fish, so everyone was happy with their new experience and what they had learned before the long drive home.

In July, our youth night fishing event will be with a barbecue and workshops will be on the agenda, an absolute highlight for the younger members of our club!

Many thanks to everyone who helps and supports these events and to my club as well as to all the helpers. Without this support, it would be impossible!

Youth is our future, so it is important for me to promote the kids!

Greetings and tight lines
Dominik Haas

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