Armo v4 Two-Man Wrap

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Armo V4 Bivvy

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Transform the Armo V4 into a twin-skin, or even triple-skin when using the optional inner capsule, with the Armo V4 Wrap, which is available for the one-man, two-man and Plus versions. The Wrap insulates the inner bivvy more efficiently during the colder months, and will also help keep you cooler during the warmer months, thanks to the Adaptive Ventilation® Technology which keeps air circulating and reduces condensation. It gives extra storage space by creating a porch area at the front of the bivvy, while the dual-zipped doors allow you to create a letter box opening, which means you stay protected from adverse weather without compromising the view. The Wrap itself has been manufactured from our super-waterproof, hydrophobic Aquatexx® material, and has tie-backs for all doors and side panels, as well as dual rod straps.

Product Features
  • Adaptive Ventilation® Technology - keeps air circulating, reducing condensation.
  • Aquatexx® fabric - super waterproof, breathable and hydrophobic
  • Transforms Armo V4 in to a double or triple skin shelter (with optional capsule) for ultimate warmth and comfort
  • Reduces condensation and increases heat retention
  • Creates a porch area in front of bivvy for additional storage
  • Dual-zipped doors allowing you to create a letterbox opening
  • Tie-backs for door and side panels
  • Dual rod straps
  • Supplied with carry bag and T-pegs
  • Compatible with 203200 Clear window (available seperately)

Technical Specification
  • Material: Aquatexx® (Polyester)
  • Weight: Approx 5kg (plus pegs weighing 1.4kg)
  • Dimensions: Approx 150H x 305D x 320W cm
  • Transport size: Approx 55 x 35cm
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