Hydro Landing Net

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Trakker Hydro 42" Landing Net

Jerry Bridger takes a close look at the devastatingly good-looking Hydro 42" Landing Net from Trakker, and us...
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Hydro 42
Hydro 42
Hydro 42
Hydro 42
Hydro 42
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The super-rigid and lightweight design of the Hydro Landing Net enables it to glide through water with ease. Featuring a free-flow net and high-grade carbon pole technology, the Hydro Landing Net offers a high-grade option within the Trakker net range.

Product Features
  • Ultra lightweight, balanced and rigid
  • Japanese shrink wrap handle
  • Understated styling and graphics
  • Drawstring carrybag
Technical Specification
  • 6ft high-modulus carbon pole
  • 42" arms with strengthning at spigots and mid-depth mesh
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