Pureflo ® Air Dry System & Bucket Combo

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The Pureflo ® Air-Dry System has been developed to allow the air-drying of fresh or frozen boilies, featuring a unique “air-drying cone” to allow ultimate air circulation throughout your bait, whilst offering supreme protection from the attention of opportunist bait thieves such as rodents and birds. Designed to be housed within one of our 17ltr Square Containers, the Pureflo® Air-Dry System also lends itself to washing-out or coating baits in liquids, utilising the patented “Lift, Twist & Stack” method to separate your bait from any liquids you might be soaking it in.

Now available as a combo with our 17ltr bucket.

Product Features
Patented design, ideal for:
  • Air drying boilies.
  • Glugging boilies.
  • Rehydrating air-dried boilies with liquids, oils or water.
  • Soaking / washing out boilies in lake water.
  • Secure storage and anti-spill transportation of boilies when placed inside a 17ltr bucket.
  • Protection of baits from rodents, birds or squirrels.

Technical Specification
  • Moulded plastic construction
  • Has a capacity of 5kg
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